Friday, 4 December 2009

Bare Bones

Bare Bones Quarterly opening was last night. It featured the work of some of the best illustration talent around at the moment - such as Chris Bianchi, on the left there - and they'd done one thousand original works for 20 quid each. Maybe good for Christmas presents. And you can get a copy of the Bare Bones paper, which is really good and a fantastic idea.

De La Garza

Way to totally rip off John Stezaker d00d! Still sick though

Don't really care what all this crap means...

'In the beginnning was Debord...'

studio1.1's Xmas extravaganza explores Situationism in we hope a suitably random way. We're well aware that there can't be Situationist art as such, it's a contradiction in terms. We know too that, in Blake's ultra-visionary foreshadowing of Hegel ('without contraries there's no progression'), without contradictions there is just no dialectic.

And in the years since the Situationists sought to define themselves and increasingly what and who they were NOT, there can't be a single artist who however mistakenly hasn't felt a Situationist sciatic twinge. (to further mis-quote, this time a fictional character '...only the 'Situation' has grown small')

Straddling the New Year we bring together just for Christmas (not for life) a group of artists who can be defined at the very least as 'not NOT Situationist'.


What's written above is a pretty wack and dull description of easily the best exhibition I've seen in a long time. Go see it, the work's lovely. David Micheaud and Christopher Bond's work in it are absolutely sexual. Bond's piece ERM is pictured. it's at the incredibly hit-and-miss studio 1.1 on Redchurch street, Shoreditch.

The shades are silly

....but this is fucking sick